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Vacuum Sealing Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Sealing of All Foods Allow ample room at the top of the pouch; do not overfill. Position food evenly in the pouch, in a single layer, if possible. Raise the lid and slip the open pouch ends under the pouch tabs. Set your sealing preferences – select: Speed – NORMAL for most foods, GENTLE for delicate foods Food type – DRY for most foods, MOIST for juicier foods. Close the lid and press down firmly with both palms until the lid lock ‘clicks; thevacuum should begins automatically. If the pouch does not collapse around the … Read More

SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer: Operation so simple a kid can do it!

At SousVide Supreme, our philosophy is that making great food should not be difficult or require hours and hours of your time. In fact, it’s our goal to make the entire culinary experience easy, convenient, and foolproof–something so simple anyone who can push a button can do it! We’re proud that our simple technique is inspiring cooks in all shapes and sizes, from young to old, novice to professional to explore the delights of sous vide cooking! Take a look as aspiring young chef Tyler Whitman demonstrates the push-button simplicity of vacuum sealing. If Tyler can do it, so can … Read More