Vacuum Sealing Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Sealing of All Foods

  • Allow ample room at the top of the pouch; do not overfill.
  • Position food evenly in the pouch, in a single layer, if possible.
  • If the pouch does not collapse around the food when you press vacuum/seal, press cancel to stop the process, reposition the pouch and/or food within the pouch, and try vacuum sealing again.
  • If the pouch deflates, but the red Seal light does not illuminate, press Seal Only to trigger the sealing process.
  • Store your vac sealer in the unlocked position to prevent compression of the foam sealing ring.

Tips and Tricks for Sealing Moist Foods

  • Watch the pouch as it collapses around the food; when moisture begins to climb the pouch, press Seal Only to trigger the seal before the moisture reaches the chamber.
  • If moisture gets onto the ribbed sealing surface, wipe it dry before storing

For sealing liquids or liquid-rich foods, we recommend using the Archimedes principle with our SousVide Supreme Zip Pouches or for really heavy duty use, a SousVide Supreme Chamber Vacuum (only available in US & Canada).

One Response to Vacuum Sealing Tips & Tricks

  1. Dawn childs says:

    My foam sealing ring split. Can I order a replacement for the supreme vacuum sealing?

    SousVide Supreme responds: Yes. Please call or contact customer service at 1-877-787-6836 8am to 8pm MST or email

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