10 Great Reasons to get a SousVide Supreme


Sous vide … You’ve heard it mentioned on cooking shows and you suspect your favorite steak restaurant has been cooking sous vide behind those closed kitchen doors. Perhaps you are tempted to try this whole sous vide thing out for yourself. So, if you are on the fence and toying with the idea of buying a SousVide Supreme, here are just a few reasons why your home needs one.

SousVide Supreme Gives You Incredible, Perfectly Cooked Food

1. The SousVide Supreme makes incredible, perfectly cooked food. The SousVide Supreme allows you to cook at a very precise temperature, making it virtually impossible to overcook or undercook your food. Conventional ovens or stove top cooking requires an amount of skill (or guesswork) that is totally eliminated with SousVide Supreme. For a steak that is guaranteed medium-rare, simply set the device to 134°F/ 56.5°C. As the temperature is so precise, the meat will be cooked the same all the way through. So, no more dry edges or rare centers. Another great advantage is, if your guests are late, you can leave the steak in the water bath for hours – it will stay the exact same temperature and will still be medium rare. Do you need any more reasons than that to get one?


Cooking is Simple and Consistent with SousVide Supreme

2. The SousVide Supreme is simple and consistent. We all have bad days in the kitchen- food gets burned and tempers get frayed. As the SousVide Supreme has a very precise temperature guage, it’s really very hard to mess up. If you aren’t a very good cook – not a problem! Sous vide is as simple to use as a microwave. You put your packaged food in, set the timer and once the bell rings, your food is ready to eat.


sous vide cooking gives you incredible, perfectly cooked food

3. The SousVide Supreme makes healthier and more nutritious food. Cooking food in a vacuum pouch means that all the natural juices and vitamins are retained. They aren’t boiled off or steamed away like in conventional cooking. Food cooked in the SousVide Supreme retains its color and form. You don’t need added butters and oils to moisten dry meat or vegetables anymore. Everything cooked with the SousVide Supreme is perfectly delicious on its own. Natural flavours are enhanced with this type of cooking. Dry gritty meats and limp discolored vegetables can become a thing of the past.


SousVide Supreme is a lean, green machine

4. The SousVide Supreme is a lean, green machine. This device will use very little electricity compared to most of your kitchen appliances. Once heated to temperature it uses about the same amount of electricity as a 60W bulb. It’s also very well insulated which means your kitchen won’t feel like a furnace when you’re cooking on a hot summer’s day.


SousVide Supreme Saves You Money

5. The SousVide Supreme will save you money. The SousVide Supreme makes flank steak taste like filet mignon. By cooking meat in a closed vacuum pouch; it creates a humid environment that essentially braises the meat. It can turn cheap cuts of meat into a five-star meal. This means a huge saving on your butcher’s bill.


 Less Dirty Dishes with SousVide Supreme

6. The SousVide Supreme will mean fewer dirty dishes. Sometimes life is just too busy, and you don’t have the time or energy to wash pots and pans. With the SousVide Supreme, you can make a perfectly cooked chicken breast, which is moist and tender, and have very little washing up to do afterwards. You could sear it for a few seconds in the pan, or you could eat it straight away in a warm chicken salad, meaning all you need to clean is your salad bowl.


SousVide Supreme Makes Meal Planning Easy

7. The SousVide Supreme helps meal planning. If you are cooking something like salmon steaks or lamb chops, why not cook six extra for use another time. Then all you need do is quick chill and freeze them. This way, you can pluck that ready cooked meat (fish, chops, steak, roasts, or poultry) from the freezer whenever you need it.



SousVide Supreme Makes Gourmet Cooking Look Easy

8. The SousVide Supreme makes gourmet cooking easy. Some recipes, like home-made custard, crème brulee, or béarnaise sauce are just too finicky and time consuming to make at home. They are hard to get right and there is nothing worse than making custard that is a curdled mess. However with the Sous Vide Supreme, it’s effortless to make these types of recipes. You can make flawless custards, impressive butter sauces and home-made ice-cream bases without breaking a sweat.


Impress Your Guests and Entertain Easy with SousVide Supreme

9. The SousVide Supreme will impress your guests and make entertaining a breeze. Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in a conversation, and suddenly dinner is ruined. With the SousVide Supreme you can have dinner cooked and ready to go before your guests even arrive. Plus it will stay perfectly cooked, so you can enjoy the evening. When guests taste your sous vide cooked food, they are going to be impressed. In fact, you might find that all talk around the dinner table will revolve around the SousVide Supreme. You can be pretty sure that by the end of the night, they will all want one too. One commenter wrote to us and said, ‘I never get tired of hearing my guests say it is the best meal they’ve ever eaten!’


Unleash Your Creative Genius with SousVide Supreme

10. The SousVide Supreme will unleash your creative genius. It’s so versatile, the possibilities are endless! With this device, you can make infused spirits, such as Limocello. You can temper chocolate like a pro, and make all your food taste like it came straight from a fine dining restaurant. The SousVide Supreme will make you feel like a culinary professional in your own home.

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  1. I recently got a SousVide Supreme as a Christmas gift and I love how well it works in the kitchen. I’ve created some delicious food with it. However, there are two things that concern me, particularly with respect to your claim #4 on the ten reasons to use it. While I can appreciate the electricity consumption of the machine, what makes me leery is having to break out a bag every time I want to make something, which makes me worry about what happens to those bags once I throw them away. They don’t strike me as particularly biodegradable (I could be mistaken). Are they recyclable? Have you considered producing reusable bags that can be cleaned and used for multiple dishes (I understand that they wouldn’t be vacuum sealable, but that’s a relatively minor price to pay if you use the water displacement method to seal bags)? The other thing that bothers me is water usage. If I use my SousVide Supreme to cook something and am not planning to use it to cook anything else in the immediate future, that’s a lot of water that goes down the drain. Do you really have to drain your machine after your done using it? Is there something that can be done to conserve water usage if you aren’t going to have it running from one dish to the next? While I love SousVide cooking, these two questions make me feel a little less enthusiastic about it.

    SousVide Supreme responds: We do not recommend reusing cooking pouches, even if washed, for food uses because there is no good way to ensure that food particles are fully eliminated and the pouches and at low cooking temperatures of sous vide cooking might become food safety issues. They could be washed and used for storage (second use) of non-food items if you wish. They are not biodegradable (which would likely mean that they wouldn’t be stable at cooking temperatures) but are recyclable depending on the regulations of your community. There is a silicon quart/liter zip pouch from Lekue that is washable and reusable, but it is not a vacuum seal pouch and thus would mean using the displacement method (Archimedes principle) to evacuate air and zip closed. In our evaluation of this pouch, while interesting, was somewhat difficult to zip closed. As to the water, we recommend dumping the water and drying the machine out as the best way to take care of the machine and because food particles or oily residue from the pouch leaflets might permit the growth of bacteria in the bath. In practice, however, if the water is clean (no food particles or oil residue visible in the bath) reusing it is not problematic. If there is any residue, we would recommend discarding the water in the bath. You could certainly re-use that water to water plants, rather than discarding it down the drain.

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