U.S. SousVide Supreme Pre-Orders Closed


Thank You to everyone that has pre-ordered. Order data is being sent to the warehouse and units will begin shipping out next week.

For our Northern Neighbors, we have extended Canadian pre-ordering for one week. As it took a little time to get Canadian shipping rates secured, we felt it was only fair to leave the option available for a little while longer.

Thank You all again for making the initial introduction of the SousVide Supreme such a wonderful experience.

All the best,
– the whole SousVide Supreme Team

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  1. Thanks! Will those of us who preordered receive some kind of confirmation e-mail when it has shipped?

  2. Can people in the USA no longer pre-order? I just tried to place an order but it only allows Canadian addresses.

  3. I second that question. Waiting is very difficult! We were hoping for a celebratory SVS Steak this weekend. (whine, wimper…)

  4. LOL! Yeah, I need to know when to start defrosting! 🙂

  5. when can we buy this if we didn’t pre-order?

  6. Oh, sounds like they’re shipping. Now I wish I had opted for expedited shipping!


  7. Yay! Got our UPS notification today. Will report back as soon as we cook our first steak!

  8. Mine is supposed to arrive Wednesday. Dare I do turkey as my first cook? =8-O

  9. Good luck with that, Guy. We live in Northern Colorado and should get ours tomorrow – lucky us! We’re a little too intimidated to do turkey, we’ll probably try London Broil.

  10. mine’s supposed to arrive on Tuesday! First cook’s gonna be the eggs, can’t wait to try that. Then, I dunno, maybe a steak, or perhaps pork chops for 24 hours, hmmmmmmm….

  11. We got ours today!! It is happily cooking London Broil right now for tomorrow’s dinner.

  12. Cool, Jeanie! Maybe they’ll loosen up the reins on the Sous Vide Facebook page and you can post some photos and info over there?!

    The administration functions seem to prevent any Fan posts as of now, outside of replies.

  13. We made the French-style eggs this morning. Very yummy! Would love to post pictures.

  14. Chicken breast tonight was fantastic! Topped with a little Alfredo Sauce. The chicken was so moist, it defies description.

  15. I’ve posted pictures on the SousVide Supreme Facebook page. Click on “Just Fans” and you’ll see them!

  16. I was wondering if there is anyway to get the recipes that Heston Blumenthal used during his demo of using the sous vide supreme?

  17. Well, it’s good to know some have been shipped. Is there any mechanism to let those of us who ordered on the initial offer know when we’ll be enjoying this miracle? The silence is pretty exasperating.

  18. Got my SVS overnight pre-Christmas – but I waited through the season to test it.

    Tonight, I made Steak Teriyaki [SV] and it was delicious. Tomorrow, the french style eggs; and I have 2 Turkey tenderloins in the freezer!!!!

    The only problem now, I need at least 2 more SV ovens.

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