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Sous Vide Internet Roundup

At the SousVide Supreme blog, we spend much of our free time surfing the web for blogs and articles about sous vide cooking (we’re a little single-minded, what can we say?). Since we love to share, here are some recent sous vide-related highlights from around the web: The Secret to Sous Vide Cookery – If you’re still unclear on the specifics of sous vide cooking, or if you just want a quick and concise article to send to friends who still think that sous vide’s “just boiling meat,” this is a great overview of the technique. Beef Short Ribs With … Read More

High Tech (Easter) Eggs

Easter is this weekend and all eyes will be on the egg – which is one of the coolest foods you can cook sous vide. The egg is full of complex proteins which firm up at different temperatures, so because of the precise temperature control you get with sous vide, you can create textures you just can’t replicate with any other technique. You can even set the yolk before the whites – some calls this a “reverse boiled egg” – for an amazing thick custard-like middle, with velvety whites on the outside. Scrambled, soft boiled, dipping in toast – with … Read More