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The Web team here at SousVide Supreme™ has launched the pre-order tool. Customers that want to get a jump start on the order process can begin placing orders. Machines will begin shipping in mid-November. We’ll keep all those who have registered online informed in the coming weeks. And those that are already pre-ordering, Congratulations. You’ll be the first to receive your machine and the first to know when they ship.

As always, let us hear from you. And welcome to the world of sous vide cooking.

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  1. Cool!

    What’s up with the bags? Reynolds doesn’t make theirs any more. What low-cost, newbie options do you suggest?

  2. Yea! My husband pre-ordered a SousVide Supreme today. We and our freezer of meat are awaiting delivery. I even cleared off a spot for the new appliance.

    Congrats for getting this to market. We are looking forward to some good eatin’, sous vide cooking experiences and recipe exchanges on this blog.

  3. Sharon,
    Thank you for your note and Thank your husband for the pre-order. We’ll let you know the moment your order ships and would love to hear back from you once you have had a chance to use the SousVide Supreme and tried out some of the recipes (or created your own). All the best.

  4. How long do we have to pre-order, to receive the discount? What’s the cut off date for that?

  5. Hello KD,
    Pre-orders are being accepted through November 13, 2009.

  6. I second the congratulations on getting this product to market.

    I see the external dimensions of the product, but can’t find the internal dimensions. Can you tell us what they are? Does the SVS use forced circulation to maintain temperature uniformity throughout the water bath?

    Also, can you post a link to an on-line owner’s manual?



  7. Larry,
    Thanks for the interest and the congratulations. We are getting a lot of requests for more technical specifications and so we have expanded that section on the SousVide Supreme Page (left column): With regard to the forced circulation question, I can’t go into specifics as the company has patents pending. However, the design/placement of the heating mechanism and sensors, the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller and the thermal plate, there is no need for a circulating pump.

  8. So what bags should we use?

  9. Guy,
    Thanks for your question. You should always use food-grade, vacuum seal bags approved for cooking.

  10. You really need to include information on proper food safety, especially if you are suggesting that foods can be cooked for up to 72 hours in your sous vide machine. Vacuum sealing does not prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

  11. Charles Gale says:

    The idea, the slo cooking, the taste all wonderful.
    The plastic bags, whatever grade, stewing for hours and hours sound awful and means i sadly won’t be buying.Sadly

  12. Charles,
    The taste is definitely fantastic and tender. However, we can understand your hesitation and wish you the best experience with whatever cooking method you prefer.

  13. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to receive our machine. We’re trying to spread the word to our friends. Best of luck to the SVS team!

  14. Jeanie,
    Thank you so much for the good wishes and for becoming an advocate. We are very excited by the response we are getting form the entire sous vide community.

  15. Was it clever marketing, serendipity, or both, that created the “done to perfection” acronym for Eades Appliance Technology–EAT? And so we will! One pre-order coming up in short order. Congratulations.

    Both. Thanks!

  16. Linda,
    It was actually a bit of both. There are some pretty smart people hanging around here and we all know about the blurry line between genius and nutty. So far I think you are the first person to notice (or at least send us a comment). Nicely done!

  17. I’ve heard that the Reynolds® Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit’s you are selling with the SousVide Supreme machines are being discontinued. Is this true?

  18. “Thanks for your question. You should always use food-grade, vacuum seal bags approved for cooking.”

    Could you make some specific brand and item recommendations, please. Reynolds doesn’t make theirs any more and the Ziploc doesn’t hold a seal. What do you mean by “approved for cooking”?

  19. What type of warranty does the SVS come with?

    Will this product be offered anywhere else such as

  20. Mac,
    The SousVide Supreme comes with a typical 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.

    At this time we are looking at all possible distribution channels, but as of yet, nothing has been decided on outside online retailers. Currently we are working on expanding this site to allow more products and continued (non-pre-order) sales. We’ll keep posting here and sending out notices as new developments occur.

  21. can we pre order from canada, and how much is shipping to Canada please?

  22. Jo-anne,
    We have gotten a huge response from Canadians interested in pre-orders. I have been a little absent lately because we have been working to secure shipping rates/fees/etc… and modify the site to allow Canadians to pre-order as well. We are working very hard and will have this online very soon. Once everything is ready, we’ll send out an email to our Canadian registrants.

  23. Guy,

    I have a FoodSaver which is a vacuum sealer appliance. I mostly have used it for sealing food I put in the freezer but will soon be using it with my new SVS. The bags which are reusable if washed out, are approved for sous vide cooking. The FoodSaver also vacuum packs canning jars with an extra cap that one can buy. I have been vacuum packing nuts this way.

    You can find one syle of FoodSaver or another on sale either in stores or on the internet. I waited for a good price on Amazon, then bought mine there.

    There are other brands as well but I can only tell you my experience with the FoodSaver which I like very much.

  24. “Pre-orders are being accepted through November 13, 2009”

    Does this mean that the units won’t start shipping until after November 13th?

  25. Allen,
    Yes. Units will begin shipping after November 13, 2009.

  26. Question. I buy grassfed beef and pick it up at a monthly buyer’s club. The steaks are all individually vacuum sealed and frozen. Could I put these bags into the machine after defrosting? I know I couldn’t season them first, and there is a label on the bag, but I would assume they’re pressure sealed and food grade, right?

  27. Scott,
    You would want to check with the meat purveyor to be sure that the bags they use are food grade (you would assume they would be, but check) and that they would be suitable for cooking at temperatures of 135F or higher. Some types of plastic can break down at cooking temperatures, so for safety’s sake you want to be sure.

  28. Sharon

    Which model of FoodSaver do you have? I see wildly varying reviews of them on Amazon, etc., and would like something reliable.

  29. We have actually tried them all. As to FoodSaver brand choices, their higher end model, which is a channel suction system that uses either pre-cut bags or cut-to-desired-length roll-type bags, is very good and is available on Amazon and retailers. The more compact FoodSaver/MealSaver system is about 1/3 as expensive, but as of a few weeks ago, at least, it was not widely available outside the manufacturer’s own website. It uses target-valve-membrane zip closure bags and is simple and effective for most packaging needs. Their very small, rechargeable, hand-held system doesn’t have as much suction power, but is even less expensive. It has the suction of the Reynolds’ Handi-Vac systems, more or less. And then there is The Frisper, by Oliso, which is a compact, easy to use suction vac system, available from Amazon and at retailers.

  30. Thanks David! It looks like the Oliso Frisper is the other vac sealer Dr Mary Dan uses in the Sous Vide Supreme video. I had been wondering what it was.

  31. Wondered if one of these inexpensive Pump n Seals would work with Sous Vide.
    It uses an adhesive tab you affix over a hole in standard Ziploc-type freezer bags. Not sure this little tab would stand up to being submerged, though.

  32. Thanks, Sharon!

  33. Anyone have a cookbook recommendation for sous vide cooking?

  34. Have to admit I haven’t tried this one and I thought I’d tried them all. We’ll have to get one and put it through its paces and see if the adhesive holds in the SousVide Supreme water bath over time. Thanks for the tip.

  35. David,

    Until a home cook’s sous vide cookbook comes out, an excellent reference is Douglas Baldwin’s website A Practical Guide To Sous Vide Cooking is an excellent reference.

  36. Oops! It must be REALLY excellent, since I said it twice. 🙂

  37. Dr. Mary Dan, which vac sealers do you recommend?

    I just find it hard to justify one of these vac systems for $100+. Really bummed Reynolds discontinued theirs.

  38. Thanks, Larry!

    I’ll check out the website.

  39. Guy,

    I’ll let Mary Dan answer as far as what they recommend.

    I know they offer the Reynolds Vac Sealer when you order a Sous Vide Supreme. This is from the order pages:

    “Sous vide cooking requires food to be vacuum sealed in bags prior to submersion in the water oven. If you do not currently have a solution, we are offering all customers pre-ordering at this time the Reynolds® Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit—includes 1 vacuum sealer and 3 quart size vacuum food bags—for only $7.99 (plus S&P).”

  40. Okay, for the record I retract my negative assessment of the Ziploc vac bags, which I tried earlier. Perhaps they have improved quality control or I had just gotten a bad batch earlier but it does work well for SVS. What’s more, the Ziploc pump works on the FoodSaver zip bags, which are more readily available at Wal-Mart and Target (albeit more expensive).

  41. Are the bags that are for sale on your website reusable? JMB

  42. Thanks for the great question!We do not recommend that the bags be re-used.

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