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Hello from the Web Team at SousVide Supreme. We have started a blog on the site to be able to post news and interesting tidbits that we find within the ever expanding world of sous vide cooking and the launch of the SousVide Supreme water oven.

There is a lot of stuff happening and we will try to keep everyone up-to-date as best we can.

Stay tuned and once again… Welcome.

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  1. When can we buy these in the UK – does the website ship to the UK – are you doing any demos in the UK – this is what I have been looking for – I want to buy one !

  2. Any word on when these will be available to Australia … or for 240V 50Hz since I can easily change the plug!

  3. Same as Mark-When can we get one in UK and how much will it be. Want to buy a water bath in the next 4 weeks.

  4. When will they be available in Australia? I already have the meat ready to cook!

  5. We hope to be taking orders for customers in Europe and Scandinavia starting in very early April.

    Please sign up for our information/announcement list at http://www.sousvidesupreme.com/contact

    We will definitely be sending out an announcement whenever the SVS is available in a new area.

  6. Australia is approximately 10,000 miles from Europe & Scandinavia. Australia is commonly known in the US as “Down Under”. Will Australians be able to place orders in April too? I sure hope so!

  7. When are you going to answer the question about release in Australia? I asked a month ago and no answer.

  8. Hi George. I know that the UK release date has been pushed back slightly but will be soon. I don’t know of any plans to release the SousVide Supreme in Australia, unfortunately. Did you sign up for our email list? We will definitely be sending out an announcement when it is available in new locations.

  9. Jeff, Yes I signed up to your email list today. Many thanks.

  10. I’ve signed up on the email list, but I’m keen to hear when the UK/ Europe, 220-240 Volt version release date is anticipated, and if pre-ordering can commence?

  11. How can the Australian distributor justify a cost almost double that in the US? Our dollar is US$.90 at the moment and a cost of US$882 (AU $990) for a Sousvide Supreme seems like a rip off to me.

    I have waited nearly 9 months to get one of these but at this price I think I will do without unless I can import one from you at a more resonable price.

    I did expect tp pay a little more in Oz due to import/sales tax & other overhead charges but I believe a nearly 100% increase cannot be justified under any circumstances.

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

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