64C/147F Sous Vide Eggs


The Perfect Custard Egg 

One of the greatest things about sous vide cooking is that you can cook your eggs with precision. No other cooking technique will allow you to achieve that soft custard-like yolk that is so delicious on its own or on top of a frisée salad, asparagus or even on pasta (see the Spaghetti Carbonara with Sous Vide Egg recipe).

Watch Dr. Michael Eades demonstrate just how easy it is to make this most perfectly delicious food.

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  1. I make them frequently! 🙂

  2. patricia Gadsby says:

    I wrote about low-temp eggs years ago as part of an article for Discover, Cooking for Eggheads, about Herve This, in his Lab in Paris. He was using 65 C at the time. Dave Arnold at FCI likes 63C. I was surprised how gelled the yolk edges looked in your vid, given it was cooked at 64.
    Anyway the eggs are delicious.

  3. dave cassidy says:

    Tthe yolk looks overcooked and the white looks undercooked. Not a good ad for the product.

  4. Yolanda Villegas says:

    I would like to know if is possible to cook a ” poche” egg with a sousvide supreme? How long?What temperature?
    Thanks very much

    In response: Yes, it’s quite possible, in fact it’s wonderful! Eggs in their shells, directly into the water (not vacuum sealed) at 147F/64C for 1 hour or 167F/75C for 15 minutes. For more information, see the blog post for The Perfect Eggs Benedict or the recipe in our archives.

  5. Sous Vide is my favorite way of preparing eggs. In fact, I use Sous Vide frequently to prepare most of our meals. I’m a surgeon in Phoenix, and I encourage all of my patients to try Sous Vide. It’s easy, and for those who have had lap-band surgery, it allows them to enjoy chicken again (traditional methods of cooking chicken tend to dry it out and over-cook it, which will often stick in their band). Great presentation!

  6. This video won’t load properly. Macbook OS X, Firefox 7.0.1. Emptied cache; takes FOREVER to load. It’ll be lunch before I can eat breakfast! Good luck!

    Try viewing it directly on YouTube: The Perfect Sous Vide Custard Egg.

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