Udon with 36-hour Pork Belly


Longing for something light, but savory, that won’t heat up the house in the hot weather? Try this delicious recipe for Udon with 36-hour Pork Belly, brought to us courtesy of the culinary genius of Stephane Lemagnen of the Zen Can Cook blog.

The belly cooks for 3 days–yes, 3 days–but unlike traditional cooking methods, the SousVide Supreme won’t heat up the kitchen doing it! The water oven rapidly heats up and then maintains hour after hour and even day after day using no more energy than a 60 watt light bulb. It’s the most energy-efficient way to cook, which is especially nice if the electric bill is going sky high already from the a/c!

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    If you search for “pelly” you’ll find pork belly misspelled!

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