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Richard Blais fetes Food Fete NY crowd with melted pork jowl

Recently Chef Richard Blais treated the crowd at NYC’s Food Fete to one of his latest sous vide delicacies:  Melted Pork Jowl with Homemade SousVide Ricotta.  Just reading the words makes me hungry!  What’s not to love about pork fat and cheese?  So we pressed him to share his secret with us all, and here it is!

See the SousVide Supreme in action at your neighborhood Bloomingdale’s

We at Eades Appliance Technology are excited to announce that on June 17th Bloomingdale’s, our newest retail partner, will be introducing the SousVide Supreme and our full line of sous vide-related products and books with live in-store cooking demonstrations for their customers in seven flagship stores from Manhattan to San Francisco.  If you’ve been hoping to get an up close look at the world’s finest water oven and learn about sous vide cooking, head on down to the Bloomie’s nearest you and see what the sous vide buzz is all about!

SousVide Supreme and Chef Richard Blais on Daytime TV

Friday, June 11, Chef Richard Blais took to the airwaves on Daytime TV with his SousVide Supreme to explain the sous vide process to a group of excited foodie reporters. Check it out here.   Chef Blais asked us to share the recipes he prepared with our readers and I do so forthwith! Turkey Tenderloin with Tomato Chutney 2 turkey tenderloins 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 1.    Preheat the SousVide Supreme to 142F/61C. 2.    Sprinkle the tenderloins with the salt and pepper. 3.    Vacuum/seal each turkey tenderloin in a food-grade pouch. 4.    Cook in the water bath for 4 … Read More

SVS at Kirkland Uncorked

If you are in the Seattle area this week, come by our SousVide Supreme booth at Kirkland Uncorked food and wine festival June 16-18, 2010 to see the word’s finest water oven in action!  The SousVide Supreme Team will be grilling up some fantastic food!  Come by for a taste of perfection!

Quick-Chilling Sous Vide Cooked Foods

The technique of quick-chilling foods cooked in a water bath, such as the SousVide Supreme, really helps to leverage the time of the busy restaurant chef or home cook. The cook-chill-reheat technique has been a secret of commercial kitchens and caterers for decades, allowing them to prepare batches of food for large crowds of diners ahead of time. It’ actually quite easy to do, though you do want to be careful, as with all cooking methods, not to allow food to sit for more than an hour or two at temperatures above 40F/4C and below 130F/54C. Read More

Sous Vide Turkey: Once you’ve gone sack, you’ll never go back!

There is nothing more the centerpiece of a traditional American holiday meal than roast turkey with all the trimmings. I recall in my childhood, my grandmother rising at 4 am to begin the preparations for our Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Roasting the big bird for these special meals holds an almost sacred place in our family’s traditions and I have dutifully followed the footsteps of my fore bearers every year. This one being no exception, except that this year we received two birds. My husband and son played in an annual golf tournament the week before Thanksgiving, called (appropriately enough) the Turkey Shoot, for which participation each of them received a nice turkey. We were having a larger than usual crowd at our table for Thanksgiving dinner, so I decided to cook both of them. I would roast one turkey the traditional way and prepare its twin brother in my SousVide Supreme.

It would be a turkey throw down! Read More

Eggs Scrambled in the French Manner

Apart from slaving over a hot bain Marie, stirring constantly for twenty minutes or more, there simply used to be no other way to produce scrambled eggs in the French style.  You know the ones I mean–those with the delicate consistency of a velvety custard.  And that kind of hands-on time commitment meant that for all but the most dedicated cook, these fabulous eggs were a treat to be had on special weekends. All that changed with the arrival of the SousVide Supreme.  Now it’s something so easy and foolproof that anyone can do it…for one or two or ten.  … Read More