Visual Chart Resources for Sous Vide Cooking

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There are a fantastic series of charts posted by Dave Arnold of The French Culinary Institute in New York, which are available for download, in addition to an in depth look at low temperature Sous Vide cooking for all those not familiar with the technique. This is a valuable resource, especially to those food lovers that want a visual reference point for learning. This link will take you to the Cooking Issues site, where there’s a wealth of information ranging from what steaks look like after cooked sous vide at various temperatures, to USDA food safety charts.

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One Response to Visual Chart Resources for Sous Vide Cooking

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m still very new to sous vide style cooking. Is it necessary to have an actual sous vide machine?

    In Response: To do it safely, properly, and with wide flexibility for the types of foods you can cook, yes. And to do it at low temperatures and for extended periods, it’s necessary to have a water bath that can be precisely set to temperature and that will hold that temperature for days at a time with narrow variance. You can check out this page to make some comparisons of equipment that is available.

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