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Gourmet Cooking Made Countertop Easy!
Elite chefs have known for decades that sous vide cooking offers the most reliable method for producing perfectly cooked foods with ease, but the cost was prohibitive.  The SousVide Supreme has made the process available and affordable for both the gourmet home cook and the restaurant chef.

Take a look, as Chef Jason Wilson owner and executive chef of the acclaimed restaurant, Crush, in Seattle, Washington describes the difference having the SousVide Supreme has made in his restaurant.

Featured Sous Vide Recipe
For a gourmet twist on sous vide vegetables, Chef Jason Wilson treats us all to a recipe from his fantastic menu at Crush: Sous Vide Garden Vegetable Salad – See Recipe Here

Featured Video: Chef Jason Wilson

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  1. patricia Gadsby says:

    Hi again,
    I have 2 bag questions. What kinds of plastic are used for the bags? And what is their fate once they’re used–into the landfill? Are they compatible with a sustainable cuisine?
    It would be wonderful if the bags could be heat-resistant, food-safe, and compostable.
    In response: Please check the Product FAQ pages for these answers. We, too, wish there were a food-safe, heat-stable, biodegradable bag available, but to our knowledge there is not yet. We continue to look for one that meets these requirements.

  2. Can’t wait to get to Seattle and try Crush. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rickie Landacre says:

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