Easter & Passover Sous Vide Recipe Roundup

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Easter & Passover Sous Vide Recipe RoundupWith Good Friday and Easter Sunday falling on the same weekend as Passover this year, the coming weekend promises to be a busy one full of good food and guests. But even with a packed holiday weekend approaching, there’s always room for some sous vide in your kitchen. Here are some of our Easter and Passover-approved recipes that will wow you guests … with lots of egg recipes, of course!

  • Using your SousVide Supreme to color Easter eggs will quickly become one of your favorite tricks. Keep your hands and counters dye-free by using our zip pouches to dye the eggs.
  • Homemade gefilte fish is a rarity these days. Good homemade gefilte fish is even rarer. You’re guaranteed a delicious hit with Yair Feinberg’s recipe for Gefilte Fish Sous Vide.
  • Easter & Passover Sous Vide Recipe Roundup Serve up a delicious Easter Ham and Egg Scramble Sous Vide to your guests if you’re having company for Easter brunch. Or turn brunch into a Sous Vide Omelette Party by letting your guest make their own omelettes.
  • Lamb is a traditional part of both the Passover and Easter meals. Create a flavorful dish that will keep your guests talking till next year with the Herb Roasted Spring Lamb Loin Sous Vide.
  • Whether you’re dashing through the garden or just observing the organized chaos, it’s important to be well-fueled for that Easter egg hunt. The Perfect Sous Vide Eggs Benedict will give you the energy you need to keep pace with even the most enthusiastic egg-hunters.
  • It’s easy to overlook the hardboiled egg on a seder plate because it feels so mundane. Make even your hardboiled egg serve as a reminder of why this night is unlike all other nights by hardboiling the egg sous vide.


These aren’t our recipes, but we’re pretty crazy about them:

  • A poster over at Cooking Sous Vide bought a semi-cooked supermarket smoked ham and cooked the ham sous vide. The results were so good, the poster concluded, “You will never, ever bake another ham, I guarantee.”
  • Don’t let the lamb shanks from your seder go to waste! Cook them sous vide, then create Sous Vide Lamb Shank Wraps – minus the pita, of course, if you’re observing Passover.


If all these recipes aren’t enough for you, two years ago we compiled a huge post of great egg recipes from amazing food blogs like Serious Eats and Sleepless Foodie. Check out our High-Tech Easter Eggs post for tons more egg-centric recipes!

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