10 Reasons You Need a SousVide Supreme

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All of us at SousVide Supreme have found that sous vide cooking has become an integral part of our kitchen repertoire – not just because we work here, but because the SousVide Supreme really has changed the way we cook. If you’re still wondering what a SousVide Supreme can do that your conventional appliances can’t, here are ten reasons the SousVide Supreme can and should be your go-to kitchen appliance.

10. SousVide Supreme Looks Great On Your Counter.
Maybe it’s a little shallow, but let’s be honest: the rounded edges, the sleek lines, the brushed chrome of the Touch Plus water oven or the glossy colors of the Demi … unless you’re using a replica of Bird In Space as a paper towel holder, a SousVide Supreme is the closest thing to cooking with a work of art.

9. SousVide Supreme Makes Bad Cooks Great.
Confession: the witticist responsible for writing this blog entry was, until recently, a remarkably terrible cook. Steaks were harmed in the making of dinner, eggs were brutally mistreated, and chicken was avoided entirely for fear of undercooking it, overcooking it, or finding some way to accomplish both simultaneously. But this story has a happy ending, as so many of our stories do: acquiring a SousVide Supreme opened a world of culinary possibilities. The other night, I cooked salmon. Delicious, tender, flaky Honey Glazed Sous Vide Salmon. Before that, Chinn Chinn’s Asian Short Ribs. The SousVide Supreme has done the unthinkable: brought delicious home-cooked meals to my kitchen.

8. SousVide Supreme Means Easy Cleanup.
Sous vide cooking means a meal without a sink full of pans. Try this Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin recipe, courtesy of the blog Nom Nom Paleo, then finish it with our new kitchen torch for an easy meal with no cleanup. Silverware and plates can be used at your discretion.

7. Sous Vide Supreme Saves You Money.
To cut dinner costs, opt for a tough cut of red meat such as a flank steak. Cooking it sous vide for eight to twenty-four hours results in a steak that’s as tender as young love. Other affordable palate-pleasers include sous vide short ribs (such as these short rib recipes from Jason Wilson and Sharone Hakman) and sous vide eye round steak.

6. SousVide Supreme Makes Chicken Exciting.
Even the best home cooks may find themselves dreading yet another evening of chicken – dry, rubbery, bland chicken. The thought alone sends a cold chill up our spines. Fortunately, another night of subpar chicken can be avoided by simply cooking it sous vide. Try Lemon Chicken Sous Vide for a light chicken dish that’s anything but bland.

5. SousVide Supreme Keeps Veggies Nutritious.
Cooking vegetables in water – for instance, boiling – can lead to a significant loss of vitamins. On the other hand, cooking vegetables with water is a great way to keep them nutritious and flavorful. Lock in beta-carotene with our recipe for Basic Sous Vide Carrots. Give your plate some color by preparing Buttered Baby Beets and be secure in the knowledge that even kids will love them; they taste like candy! Whether you’re cooking a side dish or the main course, sous vide veggies are a revelation.

4. SousVide Supreme Lets You Cook Like A Gourmet Chef.
For years, sous vide cooking was limited to restaurant kitchens (save for the few who tried to create their own). Now that the SousVide Supreme has brought sous vide cooking out of the prep kitchen and into homes, restaurant-quality dishes are easier than ever to achieve. Our new Sous Vide Gourmet Cookbook features recipes from four world-class chefs that will have even novice cooks whipping up a fine-dining experience in the comfort of their own kitchens.

3. SousVide Supreme Makes Entertaining Easier.
Cooking for a dinner party can be tricky. All it takes is a particularly engrossing story or one glass of wine too many, and suddenly your roast is overcooked. Or worse, dinner is ready, and your chronically late friends have been “5 minutes away” for the last half hour. With the SousVide Supreme, dinner is ready when you are – whether that’s at 7:30 on the dot or when that last friend staggers through the door. Feed guests on your clock, not your meal’s, with a Sous Vide Leg of Lamb with Brussel Sprouts.

2. SousVide Supreme Means Dinner is Ready in Fifteen Hours … or 15 Minutes.

When talking about cooking sous vide, the focus tends to be on dishes that take hours to cook. And with good reason: after 24 hours, Sous Vide Pulled Pork is so tender it practically pulls itself. But there’s another side to sous vide cooking that’s often overlooked: many dishes can be ready in less than an hour. Salmon with Lemon and Dill only takes 20 minutes to cook. Your Sous Vide Ribeye Steak will be ready in 45 minutes. Sure, there are plenty of dishes that you can start cooking in the morning and have waiting for you when you get home from work, but there are just as many which are perfect for throwing in your SousVide Supreme when you get home late and just want a quick meal. And you can even cook in advance, quick chill, refrigerate, and reheat in the water bath when you get home!

1. SousVide Supreme Brings Out Your Creative Genius.
Whether you’re trying a new recipe or making your own, sous vide cooking is a great way to unleash your culinary creativity. Without the fear of overcooking, you can put all your focus on creating a delicious, unique meal. Over the past few years, all of us at SousVide Supreme have enjoyed seeing an online community of like-minded chefs develop. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or Instgram, we love to see the culinary adventures you take with your SousVide Supreme, so don’t forget to share!

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