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Infusing Oils With SousVide Supreme

This summer preserve the sunshine with SousVide Supreme by infusing olive oil with your favorite herbs and spices. Instantly add a burst of flavor to your meals by drizzling sous-vide-infused oil over risotto, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or fresh berries. A SousVide Supreme water oven is the perfect tool for infusions because it injects full flavor into the oil in just a few hours, as opposed to having to let the mixture sit for several days at room temperature or altering the flavor of the olive oil by heating too vigorously on a traditional stove-top. In just three short hours you will … Read More

Spring Sunchokes

Sunchokes, also named Jerusalem artichokes, are not artichokes nor are they from Jerusalem. Native to North America, this tuber looks like a cross between a potato and ginger root. It is the root of a tall, perennial sunflower and can be eaten raw or cooked. When cooked it has a sweet and nutty artichoke-like flavor; when eaten raw it is crisp and akin to a water chestnut. This vegetable can be a bit finicky to cook, if left unattended, as it changes in texture quickly: one minute it’s firm and the next minute you’ll have a bowl of mush. Fear … Read More

Spring Pickling With SousVide Supreme

This spring we have a new trick up our sleeves! If you like pickling or you’re curious about the process, then you’ll be thrilled to try this timely technique with a SousVide Supreme. No need to wait 24-72 hours for your pickles to cure, you will have a delightfully crunchy pickle in as little as 25 minutes and at most in an hour. How you might ask? Our water oven gently infuses vegetables with brine that in turn creates a quick pickle. Tender vegetables, such as spring asparagus, infuse in just 10 minutes in the SousVide Supreme and radishes or … Read More

The Day After Thanksgiving With SousVide Supreme

We know that the first sandwich stacked high with leftover Thanksgiving turkey is deliciously nostalgic.  So why not, go ahead and get it out of your system.  After you’ve had your fill, please join SousVide Supreme in the kitchen and try something new, by creating a few of our favorite dishes made with Thanksgiving leftovers. Whip together our Manchego Turkey Spoonbread in minutes and serve it with Sous Vide Quick Poached Eggs, crisp bacon and hot coffee for a cozy brunch.  We baked ours in small ramekins for individual servings, however the below recipe works well for one large spoonbread; … Read More

Making a Squash Sformato

The autumn harvest has arrived which means it’s time to sous vide a few gorgeous gourds. I recently experimented with butternut squash with the addition of a few different ingredients in my SousVide Supreme, and the flavor was out of this world!  I added a glug of olive oil to one cooking pouch, a pat of butter in another and only squash in the last pouch.  Guess which one I prefer?  The butternut squash on its own, delicious and packed with a punch of sweetness .  Although, the others were tasty, they just weren’t as flavorful as the solo squash. … Read More

3-in-1 Sous Vide Short Ribs

Part 1: Weeknight Short Ribs We love short ribs!  They are versatile and can be eaten whole or flaked apart and folded into sauces, stuffed into crepes, tortillas, pasta or baked into puff pastry pot pies. Autumn is the time of year that I find myself braising most meals. Braising typically involves checking the simmering pot on the traditional stovetop or peeking into a hot oven and monitoring liquids…not any longer!  SousVide Supreme adds a fun new method of braising to the kitchen.  A method that frees up your time and allows you to walk away and forget about it … Read More

Stay Cool In the Kitchen with SousVide Supreme This Summer

Summertime with SousVide Supreme definitely beats the heat! If you are looking for cooler methods of cooking, then SousVide Supreme is the way to go! This is my first summer using a SousVide Supreme and I’m managing to stay cool. It’s really spectacular and quickly becoming my preferred method of cooking. I make Chicken Stock year round so that I always have fresh stock in the freezer and using the water oven for this process has drastically reduced the 4 hours of hot heat blasting from the stovetop to nil. We’ve also had a hankering for braised ribs during these … Read More

Summer BBQ Sous Vide Style

Sunshine beckons for eating al fresco and outdoor meals are a breeze to prepare when using the SousVide Supreme.   In my kitchen, the SousVide Supreme has taken over as Sous Chef, whizzing along cooking all proteins to proper temperatures, while I get to focus on more important things, like dreaming up what we are going to slather, drizzle and rub on the meat. Many of my students’ main concern is: how exactly one can decipher when a piece of meat is done?  I always explain the touch test, which can be a bit subjective.  Of course, one can always use … Read More

Taste of Summer: Sous Vide Halibut

I’m new to the SousVide Supreme world and I’m quickly falling head over heels in love with this method of cooking!  I recently cooked my first batch of fish….WOW!  I’m not going back to any conventional method for fresh halibut!  The fish melts in your mouth; the texture is delicately cooked through to perfection.  The SousVide Supreme will give you moist and gorgeous fish every time; no more over cooking or under cooking, just set the temperature to whatever you prefer, rare (116 F/47 C), medium rare (126 F/52 C) or medium (140 F/60 C) and set your timer for … Read More

Sous Vide Rhubarb

Rheum rhabarbarum and Rheum rhaponticum are the most common varieties of the Buckwheat family found in our kitchens. Beckoning the arrival of spring, this faux fruit appears in various colors ranging from spring green to ruby red. Native to Northern Asia, rhubarb thrives in colder climates from Spring through Summer. US cultivation began during the early nineteenth century on the east coast and eventually spread west with the settlers, primarily grown in the northern states and southern Canada. When shopping for rhubarb choose bright, glossy, unblemished and firm stalks. Most rhubarb is sold without the leaves, however if you have … Read More