Sous Vide Quick Poached Eggs


Serves 1 to 24

Sous Vide Quick Poached Eggs


  • 1 to 24 eggs in their shells



  1. Fill and preheat the SousVide Supreme to 167F/ 75C.
  2. Gently drop the eggs (as many as you need) into the water oven.
  3. At this temperature you MUST set the timer for 15 minutes and remove the eggs at that point. (Leave them too long and you will have lovely hard boiled eggs! If you don’t want to time them, set your water oven to 148F/ 64C and leave them an hour or longer.)
  4. Gently lift the eggs from the water (using the lifting rack of the SousVide Supreme to bring them closer to the surface or use a slotted spoon.)
  5. Crack the egg shell, just as you normally would do with a raw egg and spill the delicious just-soft-cooked contents over toast fingers or into a bowl. Season into salt and pepper, garnish with a sprinkling of fresh chives and enjoy!

Alternatively: Set the eggs in their shells into an egg cup, clip their tops, and spoon out the contents.

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  1. lowandslow says:

    Are the eggs at room temp. or straight from the fridge?

  2. SousVide Supreme Author says:

    From the fridge.

  3. SHERL L JENSEN says:

    I used this temp and time for 15 minutes and they came out more hard boiled and then I did a little less time and the white was runny and the yolk hard. I live at an altitude of 7200 ft, is that a factor?

  4. SousVide Supreme Author says:

    Altitude may well be a factor, but it’s likely to take some hit or miss experimentation to figure out exactly how to course correct. If you cook them the long way at 147F for 45 minutes do they come out OK? At 167F, at least at sea level, a standard large egg comes out perfectly in 15 minutes every time. At 18 minutes it will be hard boiled or nearly so. And the circumference of the egg is critical. If it is an Extra-large, Jumbo, or Medium egg the timing has to change. Because the yolk sets/hardens at a lower temperature than the whites, cooking the quick way is critically time dependent and circumference dependent. If you work it out for a short method at altitude, please share!

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