12 Winning Sous Vide Super Bowl Snacks

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Your buddies, check.

50+” TV, check.

Unwashed team jersey, check.

A winning Super Bowl menu​… uh…​ check?

If you’re looking for easy ideas for your Super Bowl menu this year, you’ve come to the right place. Why sous vide? One of the most-loved benefits of cooking sous vide is the time you save tackling kitchen duties, so you can spend more time ​watching the tackling, ​cheering on your team​,​ and wrapping your head around multi-million dollar commercials. Here’s our lineup of 12 sous vide recipes, worthy of the 12th man ​or a posse of passionate Patriots ​with a ​palate for more than just chips and dip.


12.  Crispy Fried Pig Ears 

crispy fried pig ears sous vide



11. Stuffed Buffalo Burgers 

stuffed buffalo burgers sous vide



10. Barbecued Potato Salad

barbecued potato salad sous vide recipe


9. Beer Braised Bratwurst

beer braised bratwurst sous vide recipe


8. Tebasaki Chicken Wings

tebasaki chicken wings sous vide recipe


7. Duck Carnitas Nachos

duck carnitas nachos sous vide recipe


6. Wagyu Beef Meatballs

wagyu beef meatballs sous vide recipe


5. Easy Fish Tacos

easy fish tacos sous vide recipe


4. Szechuan Pork Belly Bites with BBQ Glaze

szechuan pork belly bites recipe




3. Buffalo Hot Wings

buffalo hot wings sous vide recipe


2. Filipino Pork Belly Steam Buns

filipino pork belly steam buns sous vide recipe


1. Epic 48-hour Pork Ribs 

epic 48 hour pork ribs sous vide recipe

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This recipe is perfect for the SousVide Supreme!

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