13 Christmas Sous Vide Recipes from Around the World

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The celebration of Christmas occurs all over the world and it seems that no matter what the longitude or latitude may be, the occasion always involves feasting. Culinary Christmas traditions vary widely depending on the culture, with favored recipes handed down from generation to generation.

16 Christmas Recipes from Around the World

We thought it would be both interesting and illuminating to explore how the holiday is made merrier in various corners of the globe and a boat load of fun to try our hand at preparing the traditional fare of other countries with a modern sous vide twist. We invite you to join us on a Christmas tour of delectable delights enjoyed around the world. Just click on the names for the full sous vide recipe. Happy cooking!


Traditional Honduran and Nicaraguan meat and vegetable­-filled tamales served on Christmas morning.

Cordero Asado

In this traditional Spanish Christmas dish, lamb is cooked on its own juice and normally served with baked potatoes and onions.

Tourtiere Meat Pie

When the French immigrated to Canada, they brought their favorite dishes along with them. This one is especially popular at Christmastime.

Ponche Crema

 Venezuelan Ponche Crema is a sweet, creamy, delicious traditional holiday drink! It is Venezuela’s version of an eggnog.

Jansson’s Frestelse

The English translation of the name of this Swedish is “Jansson’s temptation.” Whoever Jansson was, this creamy potato dish, particularly popular at Christmas, could surely tempt anyone at the holidays or any time.

Oil Poached Fish

Traditional fare for the Italian celebration of the Night of the Seven Fishes. Redolent of spices, tomatoes, olives, and herbs the sauce turns simple white fish into worthy celebration fare.


A traditional chewy Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts. It is similar to a florentine but much thicker, or a little like a lebkuchen. Known throughout all Italy, it is a Christmas tradition associated most especially with the province of Siena.


Lanttulaatikko or kålrotslåda is a swede (rutabaga) casserole that is a traditional Christmas dish in Finland. It is usually served with other casseroles at the Christmas table as a side dish to ham, fish, or other meats.


A German Christmas tradition, usually requiring months of layered additions to preserve the fruit as it comes in season. Almost any fruit will work, but avoid dark berries, which stain the lighter fruits; kiwis or bananas, which are too soft and go mushy; and citrus fruits, which tend to make the batch too sour.

Bibingka Especial

This sweet coconut cake with tasty toppings is popular in the Philippines during the Christmas holiday season and is eaten after Midnight Mass on Christmas Day.

Sorrel Punch

Sorrel (hibiscus flower) punch can be found throughout the Caribbean and in many Latin American countries, but this tart and spicy concoction is particularly popular in Jamaica as a Christmas cocktail.


Also called chocolate atole, this festive drink is made by dissolving Mexican chocolate, cane sugar, and cinnamon in a thick and smooth mixture of corn flour, milk and water to make hot chocolate south of the Border style. Especially popular at Christmas time.

Sous Vide Christmas Pudding  Christmas Pudding

Sometimes called ‘plum pudding’ this sweet, dried-fruit pudding is traditionally served as part of Christmas feast in Britain and other countries to which the tradition has been exported. With its origins in medieval England, early recipes use of dried fruit, suet, breadcrumbs, flour, eggs and spices, along with liquid such as milk or fortified wine.

Merry Christmas, from the SousVide Supreme family to yours!

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