16 Christmas Sous Vide Recipes from Around the World


The celebration of Christmas occurs all over the world and it seems that no matter what the longitude or latitude may be, the occasion always involves feasting. Culinary Christmas traditions vary widely depending on the culture, with favored recipes handed down from generation to generation.

We thought it would be both interesting and illuminating to explore how the holiday is made merrier in various corners of the globe and a boat load of fun to try our hand at preparing the traditional fare of other countries with a modern sous vide twist. We invite you to join us on a Christmas tour of 16 delectable delights enjoyed around the world.

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Great Britain – Christmas Pudding

Greece – Lahanadolmathes (Christmas Cabbage Rolls) 

Germany – Rumtopf (Rum-poached Fruits)

Venezuela – Ponche Crema (Christmas nog)

Mexico – Champurrado Atole (Christmas beverage)

Finland – Lanttulaatikko (Rutabaga dish)

Jamaica – Sorrel Hibiscus Christmas Punch 

Phillipines – Bibinka Especial (Christmas Coconut Cake)

Italy – Oil-poached Fish (Night of the 7 Fishes)

French Canadian – Tourtiere (Christmas Meat Pie)

Honduras – Nacatamales (Christmas tamales)

Sweden – Jansson’s Frestelste (Christmas Potato Casserole)

Great Britain- Egg Nog

Italy – Panforte (Christmas Cake)

Spain – Cordero Asado (Roasted Leg of Lamb)

USA – Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

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